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Library Volunteer/FOL Interest Form

  1. West Fargo Public Library
  2. Friends of the West Fargo Public Library logo
  3. Looking to make an impact in the West Fargo community? The West Fargo Public Library has a number of great ways to get involved. Whether you're interested in volunteering your time and energy, contributing monetarily, becoming a member of the Friends of the Library or supporting us in another way, we are grateful and excited that you're interested! Provide your information and area(s) of interest below and we will be in touch!

    Youth Volunteers: Must be 14 years of age to volunteer unaccompanied by a guardian. All youth volunteers under 17 must provide guardian approval to volunteer.
  4. Age
  5. I verify that I am the parent/guardian of the youth volunteer. I give my consent and permission for them to volunteer at the West Fargo Public Library. *
    All guardians are contacted prior to youth volunteer onboarding.
  6. What type of volunteer work interests you?*
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  7. What days are you available to volunteer? (please select all that apply)*
  8. What time of day do you prefer to volunteer?
  10. Friends Membership Dues
    Annual dues for membership are $10. Like all funds raised by the Friends, membership dues are used to support West Fargo Public Library programs and initiatives. A member of our team will follow up with you regarding next steps and payment.
  11. Benefits of Becoming a Friends of the Library member
    Becoming a member of the Friends of the West Fargo Public Library has its perks! Members receive special discounts and offers during fundraisers, book sales and other events. Members of the friends are also often the first to know about library happenings and opportunities. Membership is also a great way to have your voice heard in the West Fargo community! Every member of the Friends also knows they are making a difference in the lives of thousands of library patrons by supporting the West Fargo Public Library.
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