What were the police decisions?

The City Commission previously determined to place a proposed half-cent increase to fund public safety on the November 2022 general election. The proposed ballot language is based upon the requirements of the West Fargo Home Rule Charter, which requires approval of two questions in order to increase the sales and use tax. The first question is whether to amend the Home Rule Charter to provide authority for the City impose up to a two and one-half percent sales tax. The second question is a whether to approve the proposed amendments to the sales tax ordinance to increase the sales by one half of a percent. In order to approve the sales tax, a “yes” vote is required on both questions.  

The draft sales tax ordinance amendment is a simple amendment increasing the sales and use tax by one-half of a percent. The ordinance provides that one-half cent1 of the updated sales and use tax (now 20%)2 can be utilized for police and fire services, equipment and building.  

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1. What are the funding needs for public safety?
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3. What were the police decisions?
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