What are special assessments (also known as specials)?

Special assessment financing is a method established in Chapter 40 of the North Dakota Century Code utilized by the City of West Fargo to allocate the costs of an improvement project to property owners that benefit from the infrastructure. 

Examples of projects that most likely utilize special assessment financing are water lines and storage, sewer lines, storm sewer, road and sidewalk paving, and flood protection. 

The unpaid balance of special assessments, or uncertified balance, is the balance that remains after the yearly installment is sent to Cass County for payment. The special assessment balance for properties in West Fargo are available on the Assessor website. Be sure to follow the on-screen instructions for entering the parcel number or address correctly. For more information about pending special assessments contact the City Engineer.

For more information about special assessments, visit the Finance department's website.

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