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October 12, 2019 8:34 AM

8:30 am Oct. 12 Winter Weather Update

A full City of West Fargo snowplow crew is out this morning managing cleanup from the winter weather. The community should be aware of the following:

- Crews are still focused on clearing snow emergency routes, which are prioritized in the winter weather operations plan.

- Remember, don't crowd the plow. Stay well back from snowplows. Sometimes they have to stop and back up. Plow drivers can't see directly behind themselves, and plows also throw sanding material.

- A number of trees were downed due to the heavy, wet snow and winds. Crews are moving through the town to manage the downed trees, but it is a slow process. Please be patient. Also, be cautious when driving near downed trees.

- A number of traffic signs and lights are covered with snow and may be hard to read. If you approach one of these, slow down and proceed with caution to avoid accidents.

- Clear snow and ice from your entire vehicle and keep it clear so that other drivers can see your hazard lights if you have to stop in an emergency. Remember to clean off headlights and taillights also.

8:30 a.m Saturday, Oct. 12 winter weather update
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Latest Update:

October 14, 2019 10:18 AM

Crews are still working to manage trees that were downed due to the heavy, wet snow and winds. Please be patient, since this can be a slow process. Also, be cautious when driving near downed trees and working crews.