History of the West Fargo Fire Department

The West Fargo Fire Department has a long and storied history. First, organizing as the Village of Southwest Fargo Volunteer Fire Department in 1940, the department endured throughout World War 2, rationing gas stamps for the fire trucks and sending cartons of cigarettes or cigars to those serving overseas.   

Then, in 1973, the department re-organized as the West Fargo Fire Department when the City of West Fargo was incorporated. It was decided to operate the department as an independent fire company, a common practice throughout the first half of the century.  

Beginning in 2000, the department began to grow to meet the growth of the city. A new ladder truck was purchased, a first for the city and the department, and a second fire station was built.  

In 2015, the department began a series of rapid changes to add full time personnel, adapt Community Risk Reduction principles, and adding a second ladder truck. 

In 2019, the department dissolved it's independent fire company, and began the City of West Fargo Fire Department, a municipal fire department under the structure of city government. The Chief became an appointed official of the City of West Fargo.