Halverson Pond and Halverson's Industrial Park - Second Addition (District No. 4064/1318)

Project Information

The purpose of the proposed project is to install storm sewer and a storm water pond to service and provide regional retention for the Halverson Industrial Park and surrounding area. The need for the project is warranted by the current lack of regional retention for the area as well as new development of the Halverson Industrial area. 

Storm Sewer Improvement District No. 4064 will involve the construction of improvements consisting of storm sewer, storm water detention pond, and other miscellaneous installations. 

Project Costs

  • Estimated project costs: $740,000

Project Timeline

  • Project begin date: July 2018
  • Project end date: June 2019
  • Project completion: 95%

Project Location

Halverson Pond project location

Completed Work

  • Sanitary sewer
  • Water
  • Storm sewer
  • 15th Street NW concrete
  • Pond

Current Work

Future Work

  • Seed
  • Stabilization
  • Pond excavation once AT&T line relocated