Geller's and Meadow Ridge Area Sewer Improvements

Project Purpose:

The reason for the improvements is to:

  • Reroute the existing sanitary sewer force main from existing sanitary lift station SA-11 to avoid the Brookwood area;
  • Reroute the existing gravity sanitary sewer that services the Geller’s area with a new lift station to avoid the Brookwood area;
  • Modify existing sanitary lift stations SA-11 and SA-47 to accommodate the change in flow due to rerouting; and
  • Move the location of the existing compost site. 

Project Improvements:

Sanitary Sewer Improvement District No. 1319 will involve improvements to:

  • Storm sewer;
  • Water mains;
  • Gravity sanitary sewer;
  • Sanitary sewer force main installed via directional drill and/or open cut;
  • Concrete streets;
  • Curb and gutter;
  • Sidewalks;
  • Sanitary sewer lift station;
  • Sanitary sewer lift station change; and
  • Asphalt pavement.

Also included in the project is the reconstruction of the Ninth Street E. and First Avenue E. intersection and utilities, which are paid for with City funds. 

Project Costs:

Project Timeline:

  • Project begin: September 2018
  • Project end: July 2019
  • Project complete: 100%

Completed Work:

  • SA 11, SA 47 and SA 48
  • Sanitary sewer and forcemain
  • Compost fence

Current Work:

  • Landscaping and seeding
  • Replacing heaved concrete panels