South Regional Sanitary Sewer Redundancy Forcemain - District No. 1310

Redundant Sanitary Sewer Force Main Project Site

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About this Project

This project will complete the last phase of the work for the South Regional Sanitary Lift Station by installing a redundant sanitary sewer force main for the City wastewater service area south of Interstate 94. This project is necessary due to the increased development south of Interstate 94 and the inability to convey wastewater if the existing sanitary force main from the South Regional Sanitary Lift Station is taken out of service for maintenance or repair.

This project involves the construction of improvements consisting of sanitary sewer force main, valves, clean outs, site restoration, and other miscellaneous installations.

Estimated Construction Cost

  • $2.3 million

Project Schedule

  • Estimated Project Start: August 2018
  • Estimated Project Completion: Spring 2020
  • Project Completion: 95%

Completed Work

  • Forcemain (Pipe and structures complete from SA 27 to 13th Ave. W.)
  • SA 27 improvements

Current Work

  • Coating maintenance MH's

Upcoming Work

  • Final stabilization (Spring 2020) Final details