Appealing Your Assessment

You are welcome to appeal your assessment anytime via the following methods:

Informal Appraisal Review

The simplest method of appealing your assessment is to request a review of your property. This can be done at any time. In most cases, we will send an appraiser to your property to perform a review. If a change is justified, we will make a correction. Please note, our review may result in a valuation increase, decrease or remaining unchanged, depending on our market analysis.

Request for property review

Board of Equalization Meetings

Board of Equalization Meeting Information

Once a year the City, County, and State Boards of Equalization meet to hear individual property tax valuation appeals. Once scheduled, the dates and times of the meetings will be added to the city calendar.

It is recommended to contact the City of West Fargo Assessment Department prior to attending the meeting(s), as appeals are typically referred back to us if we are unaware of them prior to that meeting.

At the hearing, you will be given the opportunity to present any evidence you have to support the value you feel
should be placed on the property.

Note: You may appear at the County Board of Equalization without first attending the City Board of Equalization,
however, you must appear at both the City and County boards to appeal your assessment at the State Board of Equalization.

File an Abatement

Any person who has an estate, right, title, or interest in a property may file an application for abatement or refund of taxes. Meetings will then be set at the city and county level. If necessary, the decision made by the local governing bodies may also be appealed to North Dakota District Court.

Applications must be filed by Nov. 1, of the year following the year in which the tax becomes delinquent. For example, the abatement application for the taxes billed in December 2017 must be filed no later than Nov. 1, 2019.

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