Severe Weather

Severe Summer Weather

During the early spring and summer months, severe summer weather can occur. This includes damaging winds, lightning, extreme heat, and significant rainfall or hail events.

Each of these has direct hazards associated with them that will impact life safety or property and infrastructure. The primary event may lead to additional hazards such as loss of electricity and damage to utilities. It is important to be prepared by planning, assembling kits, and being aware.

Severe Winter Weather

North Dakota is no stranger to winter weather. At times it will become severe and will consequently impact our community. Severe winter weather such as blizzards and heavy snowfall can strand motorists and impact utility services. It is important to stay aware of impending weather and prepare accordingly. Adequate stores of food, water, and alternate sources of heat will increase your ability to weather those winter incidents.

Warnings vs. Watches

During severe weather events, there will either be a watch or a warning advised by the National Weather Service. This can occur at any time of the year and will differ in weather types. In general, a watch and warning means the following:

  • Watch: means that a storm or hazard may be threatening our area but is not imminent.
  • Warning: means that a storm or hazard is imminent and will impact a specific area immediately.
  • Winter weather warnings indicate that the hazard will impact the area within 24 hours
  • Summer weather warnings indicate that the hazard will impact the area immediately, you should seek shelter immediately

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