Boulevard Tree Planting and Removal

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Tree Deposit and Planting

The City of West Fargo has a tree planting program for newly constructed homes located in West Fargo City Limits. This deposit and reimbursement program is designed to encourage residents to plant trees in the boulevards of their property. 

A tree deposit is collected when permit fees are paid to West Fargo’s Building Inspections Division. 

If you are unsure weather the tree deposit for your home has been used call City Forester, Chad Zander at 701-515-5400

The deposit is $300 with a minimum of two trees ($150/tree). The deposit will be returned to residents following the completion of these steps: 

  1. Complete the Tree Planting Permit form.
  2. An arborist from the City’s Forestry Division will visit the property to mark where trees should be planted based on tree spacing standards.
  3. Select, purchase, and plant trees from the City’s Approved Tree List. A staff member from the Forestry Division can also help you determine the best trees for your property. 
  4. Contact the Forestry Division via phone or email to confirm your trees have been planted. The trees are then inspected and put into the city’s tree inventory. After the inspection and the next City Commission meeting, your deposit will be mailed back to you.

Maintenance of the tree(s) is the responsibility of the property owner. 

West Fargo Tree Planting Regulations

  • Placement of trees in the boulevard area must be twelve feet from driveways and alleys. 
  • At intersections the trees must be placed forty feet from the point of intersection of curbs.
  • A representative from the City of West Fargo must stake for this placement.
  • Trees must be at least 1 to 1 1/4 inches in diameter. The lowest branch on the tree cannot be over 9 to 9 1/2 feet above the ground.
  • Only tree species on the planting permit may be planted. Other species will be in violation of city ordinances.
  • North Dakota One Call 811 must be contacted to locate all underground utilities before you plant.