Public Art Advisory Committee

The purpose of the City of West Fargo Public Art Advisory Committee is to review and recommend public art installations and performances on city-owned public property to the City Commission. This newly-formed Committee also assists city staff in identifying ordinances or procedures that can be streamlined or enhanced to better promote public art within city limits. Finally, the Committee seeks ways to engage the West Fargo community to improve the quality of life for the city’s residents through the promotion of public art.


Agendas & Minutes

View the agendas, minutes and agenda packet for the next Planning and Zoning Commission meeting. View past meetings.


  • Six positions on the committee. 
  • Each committee member is appointed for a three-year term by the West Fargo City Commission President and is subject to confirmation by the West Fargo City Commission. 
  • Committee members must reside within West Fargo city limits and must be able to commit to at least one-hour monthly meetings. 
  • No prior experience with public art is needed but those who are artists are strongly encouraged to apply.
Name Term Expires
Jessica Matson-Fluto Jan. 2023
Lauren Kensok Jan. 2023
Lisa Dullum Jan. 2024
Adam Montgomery Jan. 2025
Jay Thomas Jan. 2025
JoDee Devaney Jan. 2025

Current Projects

Light Control Box Wrapping

Traffic Light Box Wrapping Sponsorship Packet

The City of West Fargo is partnering with The Arts Partnership to bring public art to City-owned light control boxes. These light control boxes are located in four highly walkable and visible areas in The Yards and Lights districts of West Fargo. 

Art has been selected from a catalogue of designs created by local artists in the metro area and curated by The Arts Partnership. The art will be printed on adhesive wrapping by Office Sign Co. before being installed on the boxes by the Fargo Business Improvement District. 

Installation will take place in between April-June 2022. 

The estimated life expectancy for this type of art wrapping is a period of 5-7 years with a total cost between $1,500-$2,000 for each installation.

Completed Projects

ColorFest 2021

Ahead of the demolition of Sheyenne Street as a part of the Urban Reconstruction Project, the City of West Fargo allowed businesses and residents to create temporary public street art. 

Businesses painted logos and taglines, and residents were invited to participate in a paint by number to create pieces of art in downtown intersections.