Westview Third Addition

Westview Third Addition Project Map

About this Project

The purpose of the improvements is to provide new City infrastructure to service the Westview 3rd Addition development as petitioned by the developer. The improvements will service the new lots platted and will promote residential development in the proposed project area. Sewer, Water, 

Storm and Street Imp. Dist. No. 1315 will involve the construction of improvements consisting of sanitary sewer, water main, storm sewer, curb and gutter, asphalt pavement, street lights, signing, striping and other miscellaneous installations.

Project Schedule

  • Estimated Start Date: June 2018
  • Estimated End Date: October 2018
  • Percent Complete: 0%

Completed Work

  • Preconstruction meeting

Current Work

  • Project scheduled to begin in June

Upcoming Work